Bangladesh Newspapers

Overview of Bangladesh Newspapers is where many Bangladeshi newspapers can be accessed. These newspapers are top rated and most popular newspapers of the country. Some of them are published in English while the majority of them are published in the Bengali language. A certain number of newspapers are available in both languages on their respective websites.

What makes this website special is that anyone who needs to gather information from the best newspapers of Bangladesh does not need to go anywhere else. All of that is here. This single website provides more than enough content for journalists, media professionals, students, politicians, businessmen and people from all walks of life. Review

It is a very popular online newspaper of Bangladesh. It enjoys the privilege of being the very first round the clock news service of the country. The online newspaper provides jobs to hundreds of journalists including photographer in Bangladesh. According to rankings, BDNews24 is among the world’s best websites.

Founding year: 2005
Founder: T.I. Khalidi & A. Mahmood
Group: Bangladesh News 24 Hour Ltd.

Prothom Alo Review

The Daily Prothom Alo is a Bengali Language newspaper which is the biggest and a highly popular newspaper of Bangladesh.  It enjoys having the largest readership in the country. According to different surveys, Prothom Alo has a daily readership of almost 5 million showing its huge popularity among the masses. The website of Prothom Alo is said to be the most visited Bengali Language website in the world. A unique honor of this newspaper is to highlight sensitive issues of the society like discrimination of women and easily accessible chemicals that are used in crimes and domestic violence.

Founding year: 1998
Founder: M. Rahman
Group: Transcom

bd24live Review

bd24live is an online newspaper that is available in both English and Bengali languages. Every day millions of Bangladeshi people visit to read locally as well as international news. The Dhaka-based news website is very popular among youth, and it gives excellent coverage of global events.

Founding year: 2011
Founder: A. Islam
Group: Transcom

Kaler Kantho Review

The Daily Kaler Kantho is the second most published Bengali language newspaper of Bangladesh.  The circulation of this newspaper is a little less than 0.3 million which shows the popularity it enjoys among people. It is famous for giving neutral reporting on all national and international issues.

Founding year: 2010
Founder: A. Khan
Group: East West Media Review

Just like its name, is a rising star of Bangladesh’s news world. This online newspaper is available in both Bengali and English languages. It is known for covering a wide variety of subjects and giving news about each and every district of the country. More than hundred journalists and sub-editors work for this online newspaper. Besides this, a large number of correspondents from every district of Bangladesh also works for It is estimated that almost 120,000 people visit this website every day.

Founding year: 2013
Founder: T. Roy
Group: Skyroute Media Limited

Daily Naya Diganta Review

The Daily Naya Diganta is a Bengali language newspaper which enjoys a huge circulation of 0.2 million. It is also known as the cheapest newspaper of the Bangladesh. However, it is often criticized for having a right-wing ideology because it gives more coverage to the views of the right-wing political party of Bangladesh.

Founding year: 2004
Founder: A. Mahiuddin
Group: Diganta Media Corporation

Manab Zamin Review

Manab Zamin is a highly popular tabloid newspaper of Bangladesh. The website of this newspaper is said to be one of the most visited Bengali Language website in the world. Everyday, 0.6 million people from all over the world visit the website of Manab Zamin. Despite being a tabloid, it has the honor of having affiliations with high ranking international and European sports organizations. According to statistics, the website of Manab Zamin is 15th best website in Bangladesh and 4th best Bengali news website around the globe.   

Founding year: 1997
Founder: M. R. Chowdhury
Group: Diganta Media Corporation

Daily Ittefaq Review

The Daily Ittefaq is the oldest and the most circulated newspaper of Bangladesh. It is a Bengali Language newspaper that was started in the decade of 50s. This newspaper is credited with covering many incidents that took place during the 1971 civil war; therefore, it is the favorite newspaper of senior citizens of Bangladesh.

Founding year: 1953
Founder:  A. H. Khan & Y.M. Khan
Group: Ittefaq Group

Jugantor Review

Though the Daily Jugantor was found only 16 years ago, but today it is the most read newspaper of Bangladesh. The reason for such a huge success in short time period is its neutral & fair reporting and informative editorials. Therefore, it has a circulation of 0.3million today, and it is equally popular among people from all walks of life.  In other words, this newspaper is a role model for other newspapers and journalists.

Founding year: 2000
Founder:  Salma Islam
Group: Jamuna

The Daily Star Review

The Daily Star is the most read and highest circulated English newspaper of Bangladesh. It is famous for investigative and quality reporting of national and international issues. It employs hundreds of journalists and photographers across the country. Another unique thing about this newspaper is its highly informative but liberal editorials which makes its very popular among people.

Founding year: 1991
Founder:  S. M. Ali
Group: Transcom