6700 Rohingya in a month killed, Doctors Without Borders

According to Doctors Without Borders, thousands of Rohingya died in Burma within the first month of violence. Hundreds of children under the age of five were among those killed.

In the first month alone of the Burmese army’s crackdown on the Rohingya, at least 6,700 members of the Muslim minority have been killed. This is reported by the aid organization Doctors Without Borders. Among those killed are at least 730 children under five, the report said.

At the end of August, the army began violently attacking Rohingya rebels in Rakhine State, with approximately 640,000 members of the Muslim minority fleeing to neighboring Bangladesh, according to UN sources.

The data provided by Doctors Without Borders, therefore, refer to the period from 25 August to 24 September of this year. These are conservative estimates based on surveys in the refugee camps in Bangladesh, it said. Actual deaths could be even higher.

The polls were reported to have taken place in November in 2434 families with more than 11,000 members in several refugee camps. The figures are representative of around 80 percent of Rohingya arrived in Bangladesh since the end of August. However, the families who did not make it to the neighboring country were not taken into account. According to the refugees arriving there, the violence in Rakhine is still ongoing.

Altogether, at least 9,000 Rohingya in Burma died in the period in question, according to cautious projections, of which around 72 percent were due to violence. Among them, the most common cause of death was shot with scarcely 70 percent. Almost nine percent of the dead and just under 15 percent of those under five were reportedly burned alive in their homes. In 2.6 percent of the cases, sexual violence led to death.