Bangla Newspapers

Overview of Bangla Newspapers in Bangladesh

With Bangla being the national and most common language in the country, the number of newspapers and news reporting mediums that operate primarily in Bangla, is also a staggering amount. The number grows day by day with additions to the news reporting channels as well the channel’s content and program catalogue. Ranging from lifestyle to entertainment on one hand, and socio-economic dynamics on the other, the Bengali newspapers offer all that a domestic or foreigner needs to stay abreast.

Vorer Pata

With a vision to umbralla the business sector, the Vorer Pata group initiated it’s launch into the journalism and media industry withthe introduction of their Bangali-based newspaper The Vorer Pata Daily. With a wide range of topics, the newspaper enjoys readership comprising the young and the old as well a foreign followership. The content for the newspaper is avaialable online, aside from it’s e-paper version.

Founding year: 2012
Founder: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan
Group: Vorerpata Group


Shamokal prides itself as the number 1 read Bangali newspaper in the country with an impressive repute built within the last decade. Through transparency and objectivity in approach, the paper claims to target the audience’s and the public’s high demand for authentic and unbiased review of the world and the country’s sociao-political and economic conditions, a few among many aspects of the papers resources.

Founding year: 2005
Founder: None
Group: Time Media Ltd.


During the first decade of inception, the paper’s controversial stand against the Ayub Khan adminsitration of the Pakistani government led to the suspension of operations through out the War of Liberation in 1971. Through Bangali, the paper has enabled readers and contributors a platform to voice thier opinions whether radeical or generic in response to the growing conditions in and around the country. This is also the first Bengali paper to dedicate a section to women.

Founding year: 1951
Founder: Nasiruddin Ahmad
Group: The Sangbad Ltd.


The printed paper ProthomAlo enjoys just as wide a global readership as the domestic. The paper has recieved awards for journalistic achievements becasue of covering all corners of the country and the world. The paper includes updates with latest news from all disciplines and aspects relating but not limited to politics, lifestyle and entertainment.

Founding year: 2010
Founder: None
Group: Transcom Group


With just two years of experience under its belt, this newspaper has risen to accolades of investigative journalism like few others. With a global presence and readership, the newspaper, titled “a guiding light” aims to become the corner stone of reporting in the country under the mission statement “We serve complete truth to our readers not the half.”

Founding year: 2014
Founder: Hafizur Rahman
Group: NA


Published daily, from the capital fo the city, Manibkantha provides an accute analysis of all things journalistic. The approach towards the political, social and economical conditions of the country is an objective one, with focus on global as well as domestic factors that effect these conditions. The paper’s individual identity is set by the fact that it represents the journalisitc community in its reporting like all other matters.

Founding year: 2012
Founder: None
Group: Ashiyan Group

Manab Zamin

Since its esstablishment, the newspaper has a vast readership from the US as well as the UK and other eastern countries neighbouring Bangladesh, such as Japan and Australia. The website ranking statistics show it enjoys almost 15K new visitors each day and the paper itself enjoys a global readership and contributions to its literary base.

Founding year: 1998
Founder: Matiur Rahman Chowdhury
Group: NA


A local newspaper from Jessore, the papers name means “social culture” aiming to provide a detailed coverage of what the social culture entails in the region and the country. With this prespective, the paper also offers information and comaprisons of lifestyle between regions, countries and social schools of thought highlighting the diversity that one can find in Bangladesh as well as the South Asian region.

Founding year: 1990
Founder: Sundar Saha
Group: NA


As a local newspaper coming from the commercial, financial and as well as industrial sector head, the Bogra district’s Daily Karatoa offers insight into local political and social situations as well a global perspective on developing conditions. With online portal for a electronic as well the printed version, the paper offers local news, local weather, local sports news, world news, market info, recreation news, education news, entrepreneurship, daily tips, amongst others.

Founding year: 1975
Founder: Mozammel Hoque Lalu
Group: NA

Kaler Kantho

A sister concern of the another paper, this one takes a more literary approach to journaism in the country. After the resignation of the founding editor, Abed Khan, Imdadul Haq Milon (a novelist by profession) took up the designation and has hence allowed the newspaper a fresh and unique approach much different from the conventional editorial style most newspapers are proof of.

Founding year: 2010
Founder: Abed Khan
Group: East West Media Group Ltd.

English Newspapers


Overview of English Newspapers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is host to wide range of English Newspapers covering al aspects of the reporting inudstry, from investigative journalism to entertainment and everything in between. Since the conception of the country, more and more channels of information has come up to provide the public access to information and the ones featured here are the cherries of the reporting cake. Read on for more.

The Daily Star

The liberation of Bangladesh was witness to a new voice of progress and liberal debate through the Daily Star, Bangladesh’s largest circulated English newspaper. Its content is authentic and steadfast towards the ideology that conceived a new country and this newspaper. Its motto is “Committed to people’s right to know” and holds true to the staunch commitment of investigative journalism and transparent reporting.

Founding year: 1991
Founder: Syed M. Ali
Group: Transcom Group

The Financial Express

Based out of Dhaka, the English-language daily newspaper that gets published in print and online focuses on all things financial, whether domestic or international. Established in November 1993, their online presence allows a global outreach and readership estimated in the millions. It is the only finance-oriented newspaper in Bangladesh which is available completely and only in English.

Founding year: 1993
Founder: International Publication Ltd.
Group: International Publication Ltd.

The Dhaka Tribune

Of fairly recent conception, the Dhaka Tribune is a hallmark of progression and insightful reporting, augmenting social as well as other issues (such as equal gender rights) after the conspiracy and propaganda, fueled by radical/militant forces, left the country in a state of unrest and incoherent ideologies. The motto is “The new you want, no more, no less” with a marketing campaign that reads “I am made in Bangladesh”.

Founding year: 2013
Founder: Kazi Nabil Ahmed
Group: Gemcon Group

The Bangladesh Today

This is one of the leading daily English newspapers in Bangladesh having been coined under the slogan “Attune the rhythms of tomorrow”. It’s transparency and lack of prejudice of all sorts has set the paper’s reputation as a reliable one in terms of conscientious journalism. The latest slogan for the paper is “Uniting people every day” because of the intent of the organization to become the forefront in timely delivery of content in the country.

Founding year: 2002
Founder: M Asafuddowla
Group: Jobaer Alam

Prime News

Prime news was founded as an online initiative for people to use their journalistic efforts in a transparent manner. It’s was founded under the name of the Daily Prime News, with the aim of providing up to date news, as it happens. All news is updated simultaneously and is contributed to by a range of authors and journalists from across globe, not just the country.

Founding year: 2012
Founder: NA
Group: None

The Daily Observer

The world over has readership focused on the daily observer, as it is one of the oldest and most matured journalistic resources for news from the world over. Its pro-Bangladeshi stance has involved criticism but its content is known to be authentic and up to date. It is directed by a policy of independence in editorial policies. Their motto is “We stand for people’s rights”.

Founding year: 1949
Founder: Hamidul Huq Choudhury
Group: Observer Ltd.

The Daily Sun

The Daily Sun is one of the most prominent online newspapers from Bangladesh and receives nearly 60% of its readership online from abroad. It hosts a huge variety of topics and reports on everything from politics to entertainment section. The sports section titled “Winner” is a 4 page exclusive with weekly supplements such as tabloids within the broadsheet.

Founding year: 2010
Founder: Hamidul Huq Choudhury
Group: East Media Group

The New Age

Popular because of its opposition to the establishment dictated editorial policy, the New Age is often considered the youth of the editorial industry in Bangladesh. Its readership extends beyond borders and has express coverage for the happening around the country. It’s motto is “The Outspoken Daily”.

Founding year: 2014
Founder: Shahidullah Khan
Group: Media New Age Ltd.

The Independent

Conceived in 1995, the Independent prides it self over it’s editorial transparency. With in two years, the newspaper also released it’s 32 page weekly magazine and has since then launched an online version in 2010.

Founding year: 1995
Founder: Independent Publications Ltd.
Group: Beximco

New Nation

The New Nations hails as one of the most widely read newspapers and followed editorial pieces within the country. The editorial section is most revered for its staunch stance over liberal journalism and holds a great say in the country’s editorial industry as well as journalism realm.

Founding year: 1996
Founder: The New Nation
Group: None