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Overview of Radio News Channels in Bangladesh

With all conventional news channels, the radio industry of Bandgladesh was unchartered terrotory for journalism for only so long. The amount of radio channels operating is staggering and ever growing, with the obvious spurt of radio news channels allowing people to get timely updates whether on the go, or without regular access to the internet or print media. For our readers, we talk about the top 10 radio based news reporting efforts in the country.

BBC Bangla

BBC is a trademark associated with investigative journalism and whistleblowing efforts. As an established platform, having started off as just a news casting hot spot, BBC has offered each country its journalistic and reporting services in their own country. Backed by BBC’s global reputation, BBC Bangla enjoys an audience through out the country as well as over the internet on BBC’s sanctioned radion feeds.

Founding year: 1941
Founder: None
Group: British Broadcasting Corporation

Bangladesh Betar Live

Having played an important part in the war of liberation in 1971, this radio news channel has held many ecolades of gratitude and chivalry for it’s stance in repoting news. Due to heavy shelling through the war, the radio station was moved to many locations but did not once stop its contribution to the news reporting industry and channels of the region.

Founding year: 1939
Founder: None
Group: Government of Bangladesh

Voice of America

Following the franchise, the Bengali version of the pro-western news station was innaugurated in 1958, to provide the region with the facilities of the franchise throught radio and later the internet. As part of the VOA network, all information is exclusively dervived from the parent source, which takes great pride in its accurate and tireless efforts towards transparency of investigative journalism.

Founding year: 1958
Founder: None
Group: U.S Government

China Radio

Being so close geographically, it made perfect sense for the Chinesse to offer service of radio based reporting to the region. With a focus on regional policy and economic conditions the channel offers all information and editorial platforms for the average listener to provide comments and feedback as well get related material from the internet portal for China Radio International.

Founding year: 1969
Founder: Madam Li L Jun
Group: Government of the People’s Republic of China

Radio Russia

The Russian radio airspace has a huge number of channels on both the FM and the UKV frquency bands. As with China, introduction of the radio based service was launched as a development effort for the region. The channels offers all its content in the Bengali language, with Russian announcers who know the language. The channel airs information about regional political and economical conditions.

Founding year: 1943
Founder: None
Group: Government of the Russian Federation

Radio Tehran

With a world wide audeince, the Radio Tehran news service in Bengali is broadcasted twice a day in the region. The radio service offers updated news as well as weekly programs for entertainment and lifestyle. The radio service is co jointly enjoyed by a hefty Bengali population in Iran.

Founding year: 1982
Founder: None
Group: Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Radio Today Live

To extend the Radio Today Live franchise, the Bengali version of the service began it’s operations from Dhaka, now has expanded to more than 10 stations in the country. The only 24-hour service of its nature, apart from the show titled “Morning Express” it hosts all content pertaining to entertainment, lifestyle and other non-political aspects.

Founding year: 2008
Founder: None
Group: Radio Today Live, RSA

Radio Foorti Live

With 9 of the most popular RJ’s in the country, this channel is the all-out musical sensation for the latest news relating to pop and hip-hop culture. The station’s aim is to bring all kinds of music and musical talent to the forefront and hence showcases music from all over the world. It also has it’s own talent hunt competition which allows raw talent to get a platform for professional RJ-ship.

Founding year: 2006
Founder: None
Group: MGH Group

Radio Shadhin Live Dhaka FM 90.4 live radio

With the motto “to rise up”, the stations 4 years journey (2012) was initially met with a great response. More than 15 million people were recorded to have heard the initial transmissions from within the country and surrounding regions, including the internet-based audience. The station has a website and a dedicated application that allows you to access the channel without regular radio technology, through the internet.

Founding year: 2012
Founder: Aly Zaker
Group: Asiatic 360

Dhaka FM 90.4 – Live Radio Bhumi 92.8

The joint program of Radio Bhumi and Dhaka FM has been inspirational and fundamental in the development of infotainment and news reporting collaborations, especially within the radio sphere. This joint partnership has brought the best of both worlds, with each of the station/concern bringing in their take and approach towards news, music and radio-based communications.

Founding year: 2009
Founder: Shahid Tajuddin Ahmed Sarani Tejgaon
Group: Impress Group Bangladesh